Thursday, September 15, 2016

EVERYBODY struggles

Hey, I've got a great idea that will surely keep everyone moving forward.

How about we compare our struggles??!1!1!11!! Yay!@!@!#!*$!!!!!

No. Freakin stop.

The thing is, everybody has struggles.

Yeah, racism in America sucks. It sucks that minorities have to deal with that. Yeah, sexism sucks. Yeah, disability prejudice sucks. Yeah, it sucks that poor people can't get health care. Yeah, it sucks that people like Brock Turner are let loose. Yeah, it sucks that ____.

Keep the list going.

Take Orlando. Terrorism, hate crime against the LGBT, Islamic extremist, call it whatever you want.

Did you know that happens every day?

Orlando happens every day. Every. Single. Day.

Approximately 50 people shoot themselves with a gun every day. Total daily suicide rate is approximately 114, according to the AFSP.

Do you know who 70% of those people are?

Middle-age white males.

Not the homosexual teens who struggle with identity. Not the oppressed women who aren't paid the same as the men. Not the people of color who have grown up in a rigged system.

The middle-aged white males. The ones who are supposed to have some sort of charmed, perfect life. The ones who are oppressive. The ones who just don't get it. The ones who are, in many cases, voting for Donald Trump. The misogynists, the racists, the privileged, whatever you want to call them. Those are the ones killing themselves.

Now, those other problems I mentioned? Yes, those are serious problems! We should seek to love the homosexual teens. We should seek a fair and equal system.

But never assume that someone doesn't struggle simply because of their gender, their race, their sexual orientation, or anything else.

Because everyone struggles. 

And because of that, everyone must seek to understand each other. Take the plank out of your own eye first, so that you can properly see the struggles someone else is having. Men, see how that girl might have struggled with being compared to men. Women, see how that guy might have struggled growing up without a father. And so on.

Opportunity =/= happiness.
White skin =/= happiness.
Success =/= happiness.
Money =/= happiness.
A career =/= happiness.
Education =/= happiness.
Health care =/= happiness.
Acceptance =/= happiness.

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