Sunday, June 26, 2016

Novel Incoming!

This is just a quick update on what I'm doing with my blog and my writing and stuff.

This summer, in lieu of getting a job, I have committed to writing 20 hours a week. At first, this number seemed a bit daunting. But I quickly stumbled upon a story in my head that started out as seven pages, then 25, and now has ballooned into a 25,000 word beginning of a story.

I hope to complete this story by the end of the summer, with somewhere between 100,000-200,000 thousand words. Then, of course, there will be editing and revising and all that, and it'll probably be crap and I'll have to redo most of it to make it even slightly workable BUT it's going to be a complete, full-fledged novel. So I'm excited.

This is normally where I'd include a caveat, such as "If I maintain the motivation" or "As long as I have enough to write about" but I've determined that those excuses will not be acceptable.

If you're interested in reading drafts, let me know. Even if you just read the first 5 pages and say "This doesn't interest me" or "This is exciting" that's helpful!

Good song:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ode to Jud

Ode to Jud

Oh sad and hated, yet glorious Jud
How your smokehouse felt like home
You worked and powered through the mud
And through many fields you would roam
Your Judly jaw jutted forth
And there was a scowl in your forehead
And your wild hair was fully worth
The pain it brought each night beforehand
Every day I settled in
To your emotions and frightful chin
I scrubbed your dirt onto my face
And fell into your clothes embrace
Though ripped and torn and splashed with... tea?
They began to feel a lot like... me. (thanks Catey!)
As I think back to
When I was you
And you were me
For all to see
Those were great times
So many crimes
And your own knife
Would end my life
Saturday night finally came ‘round
Tears certainly did abound
But for me that wouldn’t do
I had to see those last shows through
Then we came to Sunday noon
One last time our tunes we’d croon
And once again we all said
“Oh no, it seems Pore Jud is Daid”.
Thanks to the cast
It was a blast!
And to our crew
We couldn’t do it without you
But in a blink
The show was done
Though I do still think
I shoulda used a gun.

Just remembering an amazing show!! Thanks to everyone involved and everyone who came to see it!!