Sunday, April 3, 2016

THIS will take 3 SECONDS of your TIME!!

You probably clicked this thinking, "Maybe I'll be able to read this in 3 seconds" because that's what I made it sound like in the title. I also used capitals to denote a false sense of urgency.

Haha, clickbait.

Anyways, I actually would like 3 seconds of your time. Actually, I'd like you to take three seconds of your time.

I'm talking about reactions. This goes back to a post I did nearly two years ago now about the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People which everyone should read.

Here's my point.

When you're going to react to something, take *at least* three seconds before words exit your mouth hole. Please.

Say someone announces a change in schedule. Before saying, "This ruins EVERYTHING!!" just take three seconds. Think, "Hey, maybe this really won't affect my life much" or "Hey, I can adapt to this easily and move on within 5 seconds so maybe I don't need to say anything".

If someone takes the time to formulate a sentence/idea and toss it in your direction, please, at least take 3 seconds before giving an opinion on that idea. Especially if that idea requires you to change something about yourself or your plans. Most people will naturally react negatively to any change that might be presented, whether that reaction makes any sense or not.

Here's the thing: You are in full control of your reaction. You can control how you feel about a change.

I might get shot for that kind of statement, since people love to (myself included) blame their circumstances for their actions/reactions. Don't believe me? Well, come out from under that rock.

This is extremely clear politically. Left-wingers tend to blame rich people for ruining everything, and any problems created by lower class people are caused by the environment they grew up in. Right-wingers tend to blame the government for creating their problems, or ISIS or whatever.


The actions of rich people don't *force* you to take out loans that weren't worth it. The government isn't trying to restrict your rights by taking away guns, they're trying to keep people *safe*.

Now, these are big issues I'm talking about, but this is extremely applicable to every day life. What this all boils down to is patience.

And if you want to really go crazy with it, take 5 seconds. When someone is done speaking, just pause. Process what you heard. Make sure you understand what just happened before words flow out of your face.

I'm not great at this, but it's something everyone can work on.

Song of the Day: We Wait for You (Shekinah Glory) - Cory Asbury (?)


  1. Thanks for writing, Ryken. Patience does usually help us see things way better. Great article (as usual).