Friday, January 29, 2016

Subtle Shifting Shadows

Subtle Shifting Shadows

Subtle shifting shadows
In the corner of our eye
They follow in our footsteps
No matter what we try

We turn, and they are gone
They flee at sign of light
We question if they were there,
But then day turns to night

Suddenly the darkness
Is no longer hiding
We find we are surrounded
And the fear is quickly stifling

We try and light a candle
To keep the dark at bay
But it isn’t in our power
To turn the night to day

We crouch back in the corner
Hands above our heads
We shut our eyes in terror
Of the monsters at our beds

Before we know it
The door slams shut
We can no longer see
What the night has brought

We rip our hair
We sob and plead
If we could just make
The darkness flee

If only we could realize
The Light is all around us
But we cannot feel the Presence
Of His holy justice

We do not create the day
The Light’s not ours to make
We need only be translucent
So it can shine through our heartache

Light is alive
It moves and breathes
It fills our actions
It lets us see

In the darkness
All men stumble
But when He shines
The darkness crumbles

It is not us
Who crush the enemy
The Light in us
That is our remedy

So when we cower
Deep in the dark
To His calling
Our ear must hark

He gives us eyes to see
And ears to hear
The lame can walk
Men need not fear

So when our shadows
Stalk our pathways
Don’t turn around

But to the Light give way

Song of the Day: It is Well by Bethel Music

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  1. Awesome poem, Ryken. What was the short story you wrote about?