Friday, January 15, 2016

Predestination vs Free Will

I think this is topic that trips people up.

Does God choose exactly who and who will not believe? And did He do it before the creation of the world? If so, then do we really choose to believe? If we choose to believe, then does God not choose us? And if we don't choose to believe, and instead, God just selects His 'elect', then what is the point of preaching the Gospel? Will He not just choose anyways? Yet did not Jesus give us the great commission? And if God loves everyone, what is His basis for only choosing some? No one deserves being chosen, so is the choice arbitrary and meaningless? And if the choice is arbitrary, how can God possibly be loving? How could God be love, and yet only choose a few sinful people among a race of equally sinful people? Yet, if the choice is truly ours, then how can one explain all the passages about predestination?

See, I just came up with a host of questions about this in about 2 minutes. It's not easy - well, actually, people make it difficult. Personally, I think it is easy. The issue is this - people look at predestination from a perspective of earthly, linear time.

God doesn't care about linear time.

If you've read my blog about the 'space-time bubble' you may see where this is going. Basically, I think that a good (comparatively - nothing can come close to the truth of God's eternity) analogy for space/time is a bubble. We are in the bubble - God is outside of it, He is the bubble, and He is in the bubble, all at once.

If you think about it, this makes the whole predestination topic simple. If God is outside of time, then He can choose someone at the moment of their conversion. They had the ability to choose to believe. However, in God's view, we are in this bubble, and He doesn't care about when time starts and ends. He selects us, from our perspective, at the moment of our repentance, but from His perspective, it was before the world was made.

We are forced into a three dimensional, 'this, then this,' approach, but God is eternal. His decision to choose was made at the moment we believed; and this decision echoed throughout time - from before the creation of the world, til the resurrection of the dead and eternity.

Song of the Day: It's actually a spoken word. "Good News" by David Bowden

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