Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Is Being Good Enough?

I think it is extremely interesting that people believe that doing good works could outweigh the bad things we have done. As if all God requires is that we do 51% good, and only really bad people like Hitler actually deserve Hell.

This fits no standard of human justice.

In fact, such a view is, honestly, inane.

Picture a courtroom.

Someone is on trial for doing a crime. Anything - theft, murder, whatever. In the eyes of the judge and jury, something wrong has been done.

Does the fact that the person on trial volunteers at homeless shelters, or gives to charity, or mows neighbor's lawns mean anything?

No! That's ridiculous. Crime deserves sentencing. It doesn't matter how philanthropic you are - if you murder someone, you should be jailed.

Why should we hold God to a lower standard than our own judges? That simply does not make sense.

More analogies: Should a cop not give a speeding ticket to someone who volunteers at the Humane Society? Should a referee not penalize a player who is normally an extremely good sport? Should a teacher not accurately grade a student who usually does well?

The whole "balancing the scales" concept of good/evil deeds simply does not make sense when thought about in any human situation. Forgiveness is the only thing that eradicates evil deeds, and even then, it doesn't pretend they didn't happen. It acknowledges the evil, and says, "I still love you".

Song of the Day: This is Not the End, by Gungor

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