Friday, October 9, 2015

The Space/Time Bubble

Ok, so this is basically just a mental activity for me. It probably won't make sense to you, and it certainly isn't supposed to be absolute truth. That's ok.

If you want to go ahead and read this nonsense anyways, that's great!

So here's the thing. I feel like people are really bad at explaining how God is "outside of time". And that makes sense. It's like Donald Miller says in Blue Like Jazz: "I can no more understand the totality of God than the pancake I made for breakfast understands the complexity of me".

Here's how I put it.

Space and time are a bubble. So you have this bubble, which is all of the universe, as well as all of the events in the universe (ok, I already lost myself). It's all one big bubbly mess. Picture a bubble floating through the air --- that's space and time. Not just space, but space and time. At one end of the bubble, you have the Andromeda galaxy just beginning to form, while in the middle, I'm writing this blog.

God is outside of this bubble, looking in, seeing all that happens at once, as the bubble floats around. Yet He is the bubble, and is inside the bubble, directly affecting the events within.

If He acts upon the bubble, the effects will be felt at a certain point in space and time. Yet to Him, that space/time is just a bubble, and He can act on any part of it that He wishes. He is bound bound by the restrictions that bind those inside the bubble.

He can prod at one end of the bubble, causing Isaiah to prophesy about Jesus, while simultaneously watching me doing my thing down at the bottom left of the bubble. We inside the bubble perceives these actions happen at a specific time in the history of our bubble, but God operates outside of that time.

You get what I'm saying? No? Me neither. Ah well.

There's not really a greater 'message' in this post, I'm just doing my best to explain how I believe God interacts with space and time.

Also, remember this is all my random thoughts. It's most definitely not the way God views the situation, it's just a way for me to understand it, and maybe hopefully explain it a bit to you.


Space/time is a bubble. God is around the bubble, is the bubble, is within the bubble, and acts upon the bubble as He desires.


First: Come as You Are, by David Crowder

Secondly, a song that is not intended for congregational worship, but one that is much more musically intricate: When Death Dies, by Gungor

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