Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oh, of Course it Had to Be Women

One interesting tidbit about the resurrection is that in all four gospels, it was women who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus. I bring this up for a similar reason as my blood post. If someone were to make up this story, would they use women to discover the most important part of the entire Bible?

No, no they wouldn't. And yet Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20 all write that some group of women was involved in the discovery of the tomb. John says Mary Magdalene, Mark says Mary/Mary/Salome, Luke says a group of women, and Matthew says Mary/Mary. Is that a contradiction? No. It has to do with who wrote what how, who told who which, and who went where why. Okay.

Now, in 2015, the courts basically trust the testimony of either gender.

Was that the case in 33 A.D. (or in the following half-century when the gospels were written)?

No, no it wasn't.

What a woman witnessed did not matter in legal issues. Men dealt with law, and women's role was largely within the house (although they were greatly respected as keepers of the home and of religious life). They were not even approached by respectable Jewish men in the street.

So, if someone were to fake a resurrection story, would they say that women discovered an empty tomb? No. That would be like me saying I saw a yellow-bellied sapsucker floating above a coniferous pine tree during my daily constitutional --- I have no idea what a yellow-bellied sapsucker looks like, or if it's even real, and I certainly don't know if pine trees are coniferous, and I definitely don't know if a yellow-bellied sapsucker would be caught dead floating above a coniferous pine. Probably, if it was shot.

Anyways, they weren't trusted. If I were to make up a story about a resurrection, I'd say, "The esteemed doctor, who also worked as a detective and had the eyesight of a hawk, witnessed the empty tomb, recorded the scene in great detail on the spot, and carefully delivered the message to me, making sure there was no error." I definitely wouldn't say, "Yeah, a couple of women told me that Jesus came back to life." I would only say that if I was absolutely sure they were speaking the truth and I was willing to die for the heresy.

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