Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Smart Talk

Define smart.

Do it, in your head. Define smart.

Nope, you're wrong, try again.

Just kidding.

I'd say, in this day and age, it's nearly impossible to define smart in a way that is reasonable, and actually includes everyone who one might consider smart.

I really don't like the word smart anymore. There are so many different ways to be smart: academically smart, street smart, common sense, socially smart... the list goes on. Many people consider me smart, but they say that because I do the school thing good. Often times, I lack the thing people call "common sense". Also, I tend to get confused in social situations. Heck, I pretty much fake my way through most conversations so it looks like I have some idea what I'm talking about (that works in school too). So yes, I'm "smart," but am I really smart?

I'd say the way smart applies to me is that I learn quite quickly. Tell me some fact/lesson once, and I'll remember it long enough to answer C on the test. I can read a chapter once, and I'll get 10/10 on the quiz. But throw me into a conversation with a girl I like?

"Ehh.. Hey. Erm.. So hows it- hows it goin? How are the school stuffs?" (Okay that's not me anymore I can do the words thing)

So I'd say I'm smart because I learn quickly and remember stuff easily, not necessarily because I know a lot or I try hard. I 

Other people are smart because they study a ton. They take notes, they review, they spend hours making sure they know information. These are the people I think are actually smart; they may not learn extremely quickly, but they have the diligence required to succeed.

Other people are people smart. Basically, they know what the heck to do when they interact with other humans. I think we all get this.

Other people have sense. They know if doing something would be stupid.

So there are clearly some different categories, and I feel like it would be helpful if people said what they meant more often. A lot of people get mad about the ACT and such because they think it doesn't really test how smart someone is. Well, that is true. And also false, in a sense. 

So, here are my terms.

Knowledgeable: Knowing a lot of things

Wise: Applying known information, however much that is, in a beneficial (and Biblical) manner

*Smart: To be able to learn quickly

 *Intelligent:  To know the best way to learn information (e.g. people who study)

Social aptitude: People who know how to connect to others

Sensibility: People who can discern whether doing something is stupid or not.

Creative: People that can come up with ideas, such as artists

And the last one I can think of right now, and the one I think is clearly the most important

Witty: People who can make jokes at a moments notice within a conversation, especially using word tricks

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