Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Short Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Ok. Short one today.

Look, Christians, if you're trying to get people to not be gay --- stop.

It's pointless, has no eternal value, does not show love, and does not help the Kingdom.

Has anyone ever been saved because they were gay, and then one day, they chose not to be?

No, they were saved because they were dead, and one day, Christ gave them life.

Don't confuse the two.

Telling a gay person they are wrong, living a life of sin, and are hell bound, will not help them. Telling a  gay person they are loved, Christ died for them, and they are desired in heaven --- that's the message of the gospel. Stopping them from marrying will not save them any more than stopping a robbery saves a thief. EVERYONE lives a life of sin, and if homosexuals were not homosexuals, they would be in the exact same situation.

Let's say the bible condones homosexuality (just for the sake of argument). Does that change the eternal status of the homosexual? Nope. They still have other issues. So please, Christians, don't try and make the gay man straight. Bring the dead man to life.

All are fallen; all need Christ. All are loved. The greatest thing any person can achieve is to let Christ show His love through them, and through that love bring others into the Kingdom.

Song of the Day:
The Fall by Gungor

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