Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Moral Compass

Disclaimer: There are shocking, horrific statements made in this post. I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT believe that this is the way the world works. I am pointing out how people --- who do not believe in a God or greater force --- should *logically* understand the world, yet do not.

Alright, so here's one of my biggest problems with evolution. Not the facts, not the research, I don't really care about the fossil record, or how old the earth is, or all that.

My problem is, what about morality?

Most people agree that things such as murder and rape are wrong. Yet, why are they wrong?

Here's the thing: if there is no God, and we are simply highly evolved meat-sacks with a bunch of chemicals in our brains, then those things aren't wrong.

And to deny that is to completely undermine all other reasonable arguments you could make, because it shows that you do not follow the logic of your own worldview. Because if evolution and nature are the only realities, then the only morality is the survival of the self and the species. And murder, on a non-global scale, will not affect the survival of the species. There are 7 billion people, and ending the life of one highly evolved piece of meat and chemicals doesn't matter.

People say that everyone has a "moral compass". I agree. However, if there is no God, then where the heck did it come from. Natural selection cannot explain morality; in fact, survival of the fittest would indicate that whoever is the strongest survives, and to help someone else (for instance, if neanderthals were to help elderly members of their community) would weaken yourself. Those who kept all resources for themselves and, if need be, killed off their competition would survive. Yet, that is not how we have supposedly evolved.

Almost everyone would agree that helping the elderly is a good thing. Almost everyone agrees that the people in need should somehow get food. Yet, we couldn't have evolved that way. It defies logic. Had early neanderthals done such thing, they wouldn't have been as likely to survive, therefore, they would have evolved in such a way as to make those things not happen (or "seem wrong" to our brain chemicals). Yet, here we are today. If evolution is true, then you cannot logically argue for morality beyond the survival of the self and species, and helping the elderly definitely doesn't help the species survive. The only reason to do such a thing would be for whatever pleasurable chemicals it released in your brain, as a purely biological reaction to the surrounding environment.

Now, please keep in mind for this next section (and for the whole preceding post as well) that I do not hold these views. These statements are what someone who believes purely in evolution should logically say (although 99% of them will not say these things, and would probably hate me if they read this).

Now, from the perspective of someone who believes there is no God, and that evolution is the only reality, what Hitler did was not wrong.

The species survived. Many, many people died horrific deaths, but, if you think about it, they are just products of evolution, and nothing can actually matter anyways, because there is no great "purpose" in the world. WWII? The Crusades? Whatever. A few homo-sapiens die. Its just nature. Who gives a crap. Do what you want, if it pleases you. Humans are not special.

IMPORTANT POINT THAT SHOULD BE EARLIER BUT IS HERE INSTEAD CAUSE I'M A.D.D OR SOMETHING AND I RAMBLED THEN FORGOT ABOUT IT: There can be no judgement of others behavior, since everyone is acting merely on neurons firing and chemicals reacting in their brains. Who is to say that what Hitler's brain chemicals made him do is any worse or better than what you're brain chemicals make you do? Decisions are simply products of electro-chemical responses to environmental stimuli. Hitler's brain told him to kill a bunch of people. Yours tells you not to. You both evolved from the same base ancestor, and are quite close in the evolutionary tree. What can possibly explain such differences in actions?

I just don't get it. Rambling over.

Finally: I would like to say that I do respect many evolutionists/atheists very much. I am simply frustrated, because they frequently attack the rationale of Christians, yet rarely thoroughly examine their own worldview.

Song for the day: "Hey Devil" by tobyMac. It speaks about resisting the devil, which is a message we can all hear.

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  1. Well said, Ryken! I've had the same questions about the evolutionary standpoint too, but you went much deeper than I ever did. There had to be Someone that gave all of humanity a single moral compass; what other explanation could there be?