Monday, October 6, 2014

Creation vs Evolution: The Big "Who Cares"

Within the world of apologetics, the creation vs evolution debate figures prominently. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has legitimate facts to back up their opinion. Whether it's Young Earth, Old Earth, Framework theory, or straight up Darwinism, there are facts and theories to defend each of them.
A short overview of each if you don't know what they all mean.
1. Young Earth: Earth was created ~6000 years ago in 6 24 hour days. Backed up by literal interpretation of Bible, evidence from flood, etc. Drawbacks are fossils, carbon dating, etc.
2. Old Earth: Earth was created a long time ago, and "days" is not a 24 hour period. Backed up by some biblical evidence, scientific data. Drawbacks are physical death before the fall, solid biblical foundation.
3. Framework: The entire creation story is figurative and is their to display Gods glory. Backed up by metaphorical language, science. Drawbacks are it doesn't actually explain how creation really happened. (This would be the theory I'd be most likely to ascribe to, but I'll get to that later).
4. Darwinism: Earth is billions of years old, God does not exist. Backed up by some science. Drawbacks are many, including the truly astronomical chances that the universe would be aligned in such a way as to create life. Things like gravity, weak force, the speed of light, etc. have to be exactly they way they are or life cannot happen.

Now, throw all that away. It doesn't matter.
That's the problem. So much time is put into this debate, by Christians and Atheists alike, when really, it doesn't matter. How old is the Earth? WHO CARES! It has no effect on our eternal salvation, on the question of ultimate importance: Did Jesus Christ die and rise again 2,000 years ago.

You can argue evolution all you want, it will get you nowhere. I myself used to spend a lot of time going over the evidence for each argument, and now I realize how fruitless it was. It really does not matter which theory is correct. If Jesus rose from the dead, then lets focus on that. That is where salvation lies. That is where hearts get changed. That is where we experience God.

If you can prove Jesus resurrected, that He is the Son of God, that He is the Messiah, then however God created the Earth doesn't matter, and all the evidence for evolution is pointless.

I think that the devil uses the creation debate to distract people from what really matters. In fact, you could spend 20 years and develop an invulnerable defense for creation, but the devil would be watching with glee. Ancient evidence about something that happened who knows when and bitter debates about the non-tangible don't change hearts. Jesus does.

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